Is Your Vaccine Management Adequate?
24/7 Temperature Monitoring Protection
Completes Vaccine Temperature Audit Trail
Immediate Problem Alert
Mobile SMS Text and E-mail Alarms
Long Term Temperature Data Traceability
Empowers Existing Fridges
Fridge Door Access Alert and Logs
Standard Speadsheet Support For Graphs
Up To 16 Fridges Monitored
Trusted Vaccine Storage
Keeping your valuable biologicals safe...
Thanks to NetCommander's 24/7
Fridge Monitoring and Logging Solution
You can be sure your vaccine storage is trustworthy

The NetCommander Vaccine Monitoring Solution

NetCommander can be added to any dispensary fridge to upgrade your vaccine storage and monitoring capabilities. NetCommander is a cost effective web accessible device for monitoring and logging the vaccine storage conditions within dispensary fridges, such as temperature monitoring and ensuring door closure. NetCommander can empower any Bloodbank, Vaccine storage facility, pharmacy fridge, surgery fridge, pathology lab, specimen storage or dispensary fridge.

Primarily aimed at GP surgeries and dispensaries, NetCommander detects changes in storage conditions before vaccines are damaged. The temperature of up to 16 dispensary fridges, or 8 fridges if door monitors are also included, can be monitored and logged simultaneously.

Autonomous 24hr monitoring ensures that your biologicals are maintained at the correct storage temperature even during the night and weekends. User defined logging intervals and 24hr logging provides a comprehensive temperature and status log for all fridges under NetCommander supervision. Periodic log downloads allow easy validation and auditing of storage facilities, allowing you to complete the audit chain from manufacturer to patient. All logs generated by NetCommander can be imported in to standard spreadsheet applications for graphing and archiving.

Users can access real time temperatures and status logs via their browser, or receive defined alert messages via Windows popup's, e-mail or mobile SMS text messages. For example, if any one of the dispensary fridge doors are left open for more than two minutes an alert can be sent to a designated person. Cameras can be added to the NetCommander solution to add security to restricted access fridges. NetCommander helps you deliver the quality and trust your patients expect.

Technical Specification
24/7 monitoring for up to 16 dispensary fridges
Log temperature every hour
Ethernet attached standalone monitor
Wi-Fi option
No client software required
Powerful web based interface
Real time information and status
Windows, email and SMS text alerts
On board data storage
Camera option
Temperature-10 to +70C

Operating Temp0 to 40 C
Humidity20-80% non-condensing
Power Supply240v AC / 12v DC
Dimensions164mm x 104mm x 55mm