Monitor and Control With Intelligence
Condition Based Monitoring
Monitor Safety Margins
Emergency SMS Text Notification
Increases Machine Uptime
Emergency Shutoff Automation
Logging / Archiving To Excel
Periodic Email Status Updates
Access Control and Remote Supervision
Advanced Control Logic
Adaptable Sensor Range
The low cost alternative to SCADA...
Thanks to NetCommander's
Remote Condition-Based Monitoring
You can easily monitor and control Industrial assets

NetCommander's Industial Control Solution

NetCommander is a highly versatile web accessible network device for monitoring and control of equipment.

NetCommander can monitor safety aspects such as pressure, flood or overheating before equipment is damaged or destroyed. A wide range of sensors, such as current, voltage, temperature, humidity, water, condensation, smoke, carbon monoxide, cameras, door and glass break can be incorporated to provide a complete industrial monitoring and control solution.

Control of existing equipment can be implemented easily with NetCommander's highly flexible embedded software. Outputs can be programmed to react to inputs, time based events and advanced logic control statements.

At the heart of the flexible software is an advanced event scheduler. It allows the user to manage the causes, the effects, the count of, and the states of up to 32 events and alarms from the various external I/O devices. Logic operations can be performed on all events and a 365-day / time scheduler, further enhances the scheduler flexibility.

The user can choose to be alerted, by either audio-visual alert or email / SMS text, when a machine is running out of it's tolerance range. All alarms alerts and events can be logged via the event logger, which time stamps and details each event log.

Technical Specification
Ethernet attached standalone device
Monitoring with up to 16 sensors
Simultaneous control of up to 16 devices
Advanced internal event logic
Real time data
Data logging, storage and graphing
Result file transfer to any computer
Alerts: On screen, email and SMS text
Advanced camera control
Built-in Interface: no installation required
Platform independent (Apple, Windows, Unix)
Wi-Fi option
Temperature Water
Humidity Cameras

Operating Temp0 to 40 C
Humidity20-80% non-condensing
Power Supply240v AC / 12v DC
Dimensions164mm x 104mm x 55mm