Total Security Management
Remote Site Monitoring
Motion Detection With Image Capture
Adaptable Trigger Logic
Fire Alarm Panel Integration
Security Light and Siren Control
Multiple Entrance Detection
Hazard Safety Monitoring
Ingress / Egress Log With Images
SMS Text, SNMP Trap and Email Alarms
Time Based Security: Out of Hours
Reliable security throughout with immediate alarm notification direct to you.
Total Security Management Solution
Your Security Guard

Guard Your Building With Intelligence

NetCommander is the ever-vigilant solution for building security. It provides a means of integrating fire and other building alarms, UPS and air conditioning systems and adds features such as email, mobile text, IP camera support, SNMP and event logging. NetCommander provides local and remote security through an array of sensors from unauthorised access to environmental hazards.

Adaptable logic allows intelligent protection against intruders, eliminating false alarms and ensuring correct action is taken. The secure Internet-based interface allows remote site monitoring anywhere in the world. Alarms and status can be sent direct to you through email, SMS text, SNMP traps and unmissable on-screen alerts.

When intrusion is detected, multiple camera support provides immediate access to the scene. Automatic image capture, stored internally and emailed immediately, provides a visual record whenever an incident occurs and the ability to monitor activity in vulnerable areas. This system allows you to apply equal vigilance to protect against environmental threats with immediate alert of any situation from fire to flood.

Event triggered and user defined periodic logging provides a comprehensive record of all areas under NetCommander's supervision. All logs generated by NetCommander can be imported in to standard spreadsheet applications for graphing and archiving. Automated file transfer allows easy storage of data both on and off site.

Technical Specification
Alerts: On screen, email and SMS text
Advanced camera control
Ethernet attached standalone device
Monitoring with up to 16 sensors
Simultaneous control of up to 16 devices
Advanced internal event logic
Real time sensor data
Event logging, storage and graphing
Log file transfer to any computer
Built-in Interface: no installation required
Platform independent (Apple, Windows, Unix)
Wi-Fi option
TemperatureFire Alarm Panels
PressureDoor Contacts

Operating Temp0 to 40 C
Humidity20-80% non-condensing
Power Supply240v AC / 12v DC
Dimensions164mm x 104mm x 55mm